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A Few Credits

Writer Co-Writer/ Director

"W For Banker" Steinberg and Kilby Productions 2010 (Theatre)
"In The Balance" Steinberg & Kilby Productions 2008 (Theatre)
"Orchestra" PILOT Tiger Aspect 2006
"Bling Bling" PILOT Tiger Aspect 2006
"More Than Love" C4 2004 (series)
"Boxed" Pier productions BBC R4 (radio play)
"Boxed" DB Productions 2000 (theatre)
'Big Game Hunting" DB Productions 1997(film)
"Dirty Boggers" DB productions 1996 (theatre)
"Willkommen" C4 1994 (series)
"Crisis" Carl Schmitt Film Production 1994 (doc)
"The Token King" C4/WDR 1994 (film)
"The Miller's Tale" BBC/RCA 1993(film)
"Resurrection" BBC/ RCA 1992 (film)
"A Stich in Time" Thames TV 1988 (doc)
"A Close Shave" Folgate Films 1987 (film)
"Fishy Tale" Folgate films 1986 (film)


“PlanetCook” 2004 BBCTV (series)
"Mile High" 2004 BSKYB (series)
"Girls' Weekend" 2003 BBC TV (tv film)
"The Haven" 2001 (feature film)
"Doctors" 2001-2003 BBC TV (series)
"Never Play With The Dead" 2001 (feature film)
"Family Affairs" 1998-2002 C5 (series)
"Dream Team" 1999-2000 BSKYB (series)
"East Enders" 1997-1998 BBC TV (series)


Passion Live,
Murphy's Film Co and Winkle Films.
Directed for clients such as Ford,
Time Warner, Paragon Books, Chiquita
Bananas and L.C. Wiakiki.

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