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Ray Kilby

AGENT: Felix De Wolfe
tel: 020 7289 5770
e-mail Caroline@Felixdewolfe.com

M.A. Film and Television Direction: Royal College of Art.

Ray is a Director/Writer who has directed both feature films, single TV drama and series. He is a graduate of the Royal College of Art, has been nominated for a BAFTA and has won various awards at film festivals.

His writing and directing credits include: RESSURECTION (BBC), THE MILLER’S TALE (BBC), THE TOKEN KING (C4/WDR), starring Samantha Morton. He has also written and directed series including WILLKOMMEN (C4, BAFTA nominated) and MORE THAN LOVE (C4). His purely directing credits include: EAST ENDERS (BBC), DREAM TEAM (BSKYB), FAMILY AFFAIRS (C5), CROSSROADS (Carlton) RISK (CBC), MILE HIGH (BSKYB) and DOCTORS (BBC). He has also directed two feature films for (Media Bus industries/ Screen Partners) NEVER PLAY WITH THE DEAD and THE HAVEN starring Alexander Siddig and Cecilie Thompsen. He has also directed one off TV drama including GIRLS’ WEEKEND (BBC), starring Daniella Demby Ashe and Sarah Manners.


London College of Communication.

Co Production with Phosforos Theatre and Cinescope Media
Director and Executive Producer.

2014 HOSTILE TAKEOVER (Feature Film)
Worked on the pre production  to enable sale of film to distributer for Garland Stone Productions producer Dewi Griffiths.

Ray has been script doctoring  various projects for clients and developing a new documentary  series for television.

2010-2011 COMING CLEAN
With Co-Writer John Steinberg wrote a new play, still yet to be produced.  

2010 W FOR BANKER (Production Line Limited) Theatre Play.
Co writer and director March 22nd 2010 to April 18th 2010 at the New End Theatre Hampstead London.

2008 IN THE BALANCE (Production Line Limited) Theatre Play.
Co writer and director November 5th 2008 to December 14th 2008 at the New End Theatre Hampstead London.

2008 LAST SUPPERS (Series) Pilot for the Discovery Channel
Executive Producer. A factual series about famous last meals of the rich and famous.

2007 BLACK WIDOWS (Starcrest Media GMB) Feature Film in development
Co author of the story for the the screenplay for Black Widows and have been developing it for Starcest Media GMB Franfurt/Berlin in association with Gail Sonnenfeld Producer (LA.USA) and Carl Schmitt Producer(FR. GERMANY) To direct.

2006 The BANC Feature Film
Script doctor on the film for Lamia Nehab a 150 minute feature film.

2005 BLING BLING (Tiger Aspect) Pilot
Written, produced and directed Bling Bling Pilot for Tiger Aspect, a fast paced teen series. Exec Producer Paul Sommers.

2005 ORCHESTRA (Tiger Aspect) Pilot
Written, produced and directed the Orchestra series pilot for C4. Exec Producer Paul Sommers.

2004-2005 BRIGHTON/ORCHESTRA (C4) Development
Developed two series for C4 at Tiger Aspect. Financed by Deborah Ward/Heather Rabatts at C4 Learning (Brighton) and Jan Young Husband C4 Arts & Music (Orchestra).

2004 MILE HIGH Episodes 1 and 2 of series III (BSKYB) TV Series
Directed. Hewland International. Producer Lizi Becker Exec Producer Jane Hewland.

2003 MORE THAN LOVE (C4) TV Series
Directed and written. Tiger Aspect. Producer Steve Werner, Exec Producers Dunja Noak and Paul Sommers.

Directed. Series Producers Mal Young and Serena Cullen. Producer Carson Black.

2001-2003 CROSSROADS (Carlton Televison)
Directed. Series Producer Yvonne Grace.

2002 BOXED (Radio 4) Radio Play
Directed and co-written. A Pier Production. Producer Peter Hoare. (Based on the stage play Boxed see below.)

2001-2002 THE HAVEN (Media Bus/Screen Partners) Feature film Directed. Producer Natalie Hervue. Starring Alexander Siddig & Cecilie Thompsen.

2001-2003 DOCTORS (BBC) TV Series
Directed various blocks, Series Producer Carson Black. Producers Will Trotter, Lowri Glain Martin Sharp and Ros Ward.

2001 NEVER PLAY WITH THE DEAD (Screen Partners) Feature Film
Directed. Co-production for Screen Partners and Blackwatch Productions. Produced by Natalie Hervue. A Horror Movie for Canadian television and international sales.

1998-2002 FAMILY AFFAIRS (C5) TV Series
Directed various blocks. Series producer Jane Harris.

2001 RISK (CBC) TV Series
Directed. RISK Television and Minds Eye Productions (Canada) Producer Serge Wiesmann.

2000 BOXED (DB Productions) Theatre Play
Directed and co-written. Produced by Shirley Newbery for DB Productions in association with Green and Lenagan Ltd. For the Palace Theatre Westcliffe and transferred to the Riverside Studios London.

1997-2000 DREAM TEAM Series 1/2/3 (BSKYB) TV Series
Directed. Hewland International. Producers, Cameron Mc Callister, Carson Black, Lizzi Becker and John Salthouse. Exec Producer Jane Hewland.

1997-1998 EASTENDERS TV Series
Directed various blocks. Producers Lis Steele and Jonathan Young. Exec Producers Jane Harris and Matthew Robinson.

1997 BIG GAME HUNTING (DB Productions.) Short Film
Directed and co-written. Producer Jamie Lengyel.

1996 DIRTY BOGGERS (DB Productions.) Theatre Play
Directed and co-written. Producer Richard Langridge for the Grace Theatre, London.

1995-1996 WILLKOMMEM (C4) Series
Directed and written. Tetra Films Producer Melanie Stoakes, Exec Producer Alan Horrocks. BAFTA nominated 1996.

Passion Live, Murphy's Film Co and Winkle Films. Directed for clients such as Ford, Time Warner, Paragon Books, Chiquita Bananas and L.C. Wiakiki.

1994 CRISIS Carl Schmitt Filmproducktions) Documentary
Written and directed. Producer Nicola Korajititis, Exec Producer Carl Schmitt. For Crisis at Christmas

Directed. Carl Schmitt Filmproducktions (Köln) & WDR (Frankfurt) Screenplay by S. C. Chakraborty from a short story by Ray Kilby. Producer Carl Schmitt. Broadcast on TV and shown at festivals including Cork and Edinburgh.

1993 THE MILLER'S TALE (BBC) Short Film
Directed and co-written. Screenplay First. Producer Fiona 0' Doherty. Exec Producer Tatiana Kennedy.

1992 RESURRECTION (BBC) Short Film
RCA for BBC2 TV Screenplay First Directed and co-written. Producer Fiona 0' Doherty. Commended at the Cork Film Festival and Merited at the Chicago Film Festival.

1990-92 Attended The Royal College of Art.

1988-89 Corporate Videos
Made various corporate videos for several companies.

1988 A STITCH IN TIME (Thames) Documentary
Directed and written. Thames TV. Producer Peter Tiffen for the "Another Side of London" series.

1987 A CLOSE SHAVE (Folgate Films) Short Film
Directe d and co-written. Producer Elaine Ruddock. Shown at film festivals including Cork and screened in the British Pavilion Cannes.


Director of Bordello Media Ltd
Co-creator of Sex Bomb (Game Show)
Part of the development team for THE BIG BID Tiger Aspect
Accomplished Photographer


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